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"Do not Let me Think"

Starbucks membership product redesign

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​Skills - user testing, user interviews, research, prototyping, and UI/Visual design. 

This membership system is too complicated for me to understand. There are so many tricks and regulations here but I just want to drink coffee. Do not let me think!

------------  Jennie, Starbucks membership in China

Starbucks membership app in China is confusing for customers

Through 5-star user interviews and research on design rules, we have learned the following existing problems:

Existing Levels


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The different level uses different data visualization to display the progress of membership which makes users confused.

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Member rights are not transparent

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Member rights are not transparent

Existing Gold level homepage

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The style of the member homepage and details page is not matched

Existing Gold level Detail page

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The display of the membership mechanism is chaotic and complicated.

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Data visualization is confusing. Users do not know the meaning of the symbol of “star”.

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What Customers Say:

We interview 8 Starbucks membership members and understand their concerns and requirements.


I do not understand Starbucks rewards and I do not want to understand, now it is too complicated to understand


I do not know which level I am.


I do not know how to upgrade and how to keep my rewards and level.


What is the difference between “rewards star” and “level star”? How can I get stars?


At the gold level, I do not understand the meaning of “star”. What happened when this “ star” is filled?


I feel frustrated when I try to understand regulation policy of Starbucks membership because I never understand

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Set the KPI based on customers needs and feedback


1. Improve the recognition of customers about the membership rewards

Users understand their current level and stars, accumulate progress, what goals and rewards can be obtained, users understand the meaning of decimals

2. Help customers understand the regulation of membership correctly.