Hear Me

Friendly, effective, and professional sign
language interpreter service for
hearing-impaired persons
with love.

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My role - UX designer with 2 team members

Challenge - How to provide better sign language interpretation service and help for
hearing-impaired persons to solve problems in the work and study scene, truly help them to improve self-esteem and social status.

Final product showcase - After rounds of brainstorming and design iterations, we create a Hi-Fi prototype and animations for the mobile app.

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Skills — User research,user interviews, competitive analysis, usability testing, prototyping, design iterations, UI/Visual design, data visualization

“Over 5% of the world’s population suffered from disabling hearing loss. That is 466 million people. By 2030, there will be nearly 630 million people with disabling hearing loss.” - WTO


“As a hearing-impaired person, communication is vital in my life, sign language interpretation is the bridge how I connect with others. However, I feel upset that I could not find an appropriate interpreter for
most of the time.        ” - Huan, Hearing loss student


Although many agencies provide sign language interpreters service, it takes at least two to three weeks and a complicated procedure to make a reservation. And the deaf person could not decide the location, time, and could not contact interpreters.

Users limitations.

Some interpreters institute only provide services for companies and institutions rather than individuals.



Agency companies charge an average of $150 per hour in the US market, which is expensive or most hearing-impaired persons. The truth is interpreters only get paid off half of the fees, and agency companies will
get the left 50%.


What is Realities in interpreters market now?

In the united states, there are mainly three challenges in the sign language interpreter market.

What is our Goal?

Based on the existing problems, we set our work goal.

Timely support
succinct service procedure
Professional, freindly service
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Interviews revealed that users need service in broader areas.

Through secondary research and interviews, I gained an initial understanding of the target user’s interpreter requirements, goals. 3 users who have different level of hearing-impaired participated the interview.

When and where they need sign language interpretation service?