Instagram Hashtag Improvement

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New hashtag suggestions for small business to
improve the exposure and more

Skills - User research, usability testing, prototyping, wireframing, and UI/Visual design.


Instagram is the new battlefield for small businesses.

If you want to do small business on Instagram, you need to use hashtags to attract more customers. Hashtags help you to improve the exposure.

What is Problem?

The existing Hashtag feature on Instagram is not efficient.

Our goal is to

Provide efficient hashtags suggestions to improve posts' exposure to bring more audience and promote the small business as a result.
Small business owners want different and diverse hashtag suggestions but share the same goal: promote the business

6 user interviews reveal

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Third parties provide numerous useful hashtags suggestions for small businesses but money consume and hard to decide.

Competitive Analysis

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Three main aspects and user needs the potential to improve.

Affinity Diagram 


Why We're Great >

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Varieties of hashtag performance suggestion


Why We're Great >

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User preference of hashtags

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User preference of hashtags

Minimum Viable Product

focus on the first metric 

So we choose providing a variety of hashtags performance suggestions is our priority user feature, which is the most crucial feature to satisfy user’s key pain points to make their posts get more exposure, furthermore promote business in the end.
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Hashtags’ engagements & Hashtags related to captions

These two hashtag suggestions best help small business users know the performance of hashtags and pick the most useful hashtags.